Thursday, 15 May 2014

What’s in your fridge?

Well, it’s Thursday, so NOT MUCH.

We shop week to week and generally finish up everything.  We NEVER run out of food, and we NEVER throw anything away.  We have mysterious and efficient shopping practices on which there will be MORE LATER.

We buy the exact amount we need, no more no less.  On Thursday there remain sufficient ingredients to make the last two meals. Plus a bit of lunch on Saturday IF THAT WAS THE PLAN.

We used, post-university, to be frozen and jar people.  Lots of stuff in the freezer and lots of stuff in jars. Then sometime in 2004/2005 we remembered that we were middle class and this simply wouldn’t do because it was horrid.

Now we buy actual things and make actual dinners in our actual oven.

So our fridge currently contains:
Cheese (lots of cheese – we’re big on cheese)
Wholemeal bread
Apple Sauce (Don’t ask – he puts it in sandwiches)
Some meat wrapped in foil which I am not going to open because it is nothing to do with me
Cherry tomatoes
Sugar-free lemonade
Sugar-free Red Bull
Black cherry Sidekick
Mango Juice
Cranberry Juice
BBQ sauce
Sandwich pickle
Half a bottle of rosé wine (for about the next 5 minutes)
Miscellaneous food-colouring gels

None of this appears to make sense until you understand that I am having cheese and pickle salad wraps for my lunch this week, and he is having meat/apple sauce sandwiches, and that our final two dinners are pasta based, requiring fewer fridge ingredients. And that we are alcoholics and mainly use our fridge for cooling our mixers.

There you go – an insight into our lives.

And our fridge. 

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