Monday, 26 May 2014

The Toaster. Discuss

The toaster is a sad little character in my house. He is nice, he is red, he is – naturally –  co-ordinated with my kitchen, he is efficient, he is speedy,  he has a bagel setting but HE IS UNDER-USED.

Which is not to say he is never used, but you see, I am a cheese-on-toast person. Which means that our sad little toaster generally loses out to his bigger, flashier brother, The Grill.

"I can't make cheese on toast!"

In fairness to the sad little toaster, sometimes, he is used to pre-brown the bread before cheese goes on and it goes under the grill for some real heat. But I can’t help feeling a little bad for him, as he always plays second fiddle to The Grill. His efforts are not taken seriously, despite his colour-coordination and his bagel-setting.

But he stands, ready, stalwart, standing-by, should he ever be needed. Should I ever have want for toast without cheese, should I ever have need for a lightly toasted bagel...

...He will be there. He will be waiting.

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